MIT lot LED Driver to reduce labor cost and save 90% electricity

【新唐人亞太台 2017 年 04 月 23 日訊】CEO Duncan Huang: Look, with the movement the light behind wakes up because of the communication.

Just like a magic show, you can light up a lamp by a gesture. Such perfect sensitivity on IoT LED driver and radar sensor has been developed by the start-up since years ago. This patented combination provides a beautiful solution for smart building system.

CEO Duncan Huang: A variety of knowledge are integrated into a LED driver program, such as automatic control, power supply and communication tech. Therefore any kind of light fixture, like panel light behind me or projection lamp, and even high bay light is enabled to connect to the Internet.

CEO Duncan Huang: It is low illumination now like 10%, lighting up to 100%.

All you need is a smart phone to adjust brightness of each light or arrange lighting area. For example, the start-up CEO Duncan Huang said, fluorescent lamps consume 1000 kilowatt-hour. Replaced by LED and conventional drivers, 500 kilowatt-hour could be saved. If the LED lightings work with IOT drivers, the new system reduces extra 370 kilowatt-hour. A total decrease of power consumption could be 87% at most.

CEO Duncan Huang: NFC is equipped in there so we can read and change the settings. It is as simple as using an Easy Card.

CEO Duncan Huang: Remote control and energy efficiency are bonus. The point is the considerable reduction on the cost of your management and maintenance.

The gym in Chung Yuan Christian University is the first case applying the system in Taiwan. All of 150 lamps are connected to cloud so users can remote control brightness of different areas in the gym. Electricity surge which causes lifetime damage does not happen anymore and therefore custodian labor could be saved. The system has been accepted by one of Hilton Hotels in California and a curtain factory in New York.

US Channel Distributor Patrick Cox:「The commercial market which is where we are targeting.A large amount of energy is consumed in creating light for the office space, light for the warehouse, light for the factory, light for the parking garag, light for the streets you are driving on .Those were the real energy savings.You will see those on your electric bill from the power company.It will go from 100 dollars to maybe 30 dollars per month。」

CEO Duncan Huang: Where I am is Brooklyn Bridge Park of New York City. By the app on my phone I can remote control the lighting in office in Taiwan.

No matter where you are, it is easy to remote control lightings, monitor power usage and get error messages on mobile devices. These products also acquire certifications from FCC, USA and RCM, Australia. The US market contributes 80% of revenue. All credits go to the engineering team.

CEO Duncan Huang: We are quite special that we have technicians, hardware engineers and firmware engineers in one company so we can make every part by ourselves.

Since founded in 2010, the company has developed smart control systems in buildings applying IOT. Honored with Taipei City Government in 2012 and Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2013, it became a member of Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms of Taipei Exchange. To make a product excellent, Duncan always uses durable components such as Japanese high temperature capacitor although they cost more.

CEO Duncan Huang: No one knows a direction would go right or wrong before taking the very first step. Just keep going on what you choose and you would find out possibilities ignored by others. The opportunities in foreign markets are what we focus on so it is always important to apply for safety certifications in other countries.

Company benefits for employees are important as well. Duncan believes that joy of life is the root of inventions for a company to create more value to the community. The start-up company is looking forward to the infinity of lighting.







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