Human-based functional design: The 3D arch-supporting sports socks producer from Shetou Township,Taiwan

【新唐人亞太台 2017 年 10 月 12 日訊】When one wears the specially-designed 3D arch-supporting sports socks, those who have flatfoot are better equipped to walk. The socks have different textures of weaving patterns. These special weaving structures and methods are the result of Taiwan’s flexibility weaving producer’s invention of many years.

Hosiery manufacturer Chin-Yuan Liu: “We have done special weaving techniques on the foot arch part, which will stand for 3 times more to build its strengths.

Designing from the perspective of human standing straight, with special weaving techniques, the 3D arch-supporting sports socks will stand by itself when not wearing. The main point is to add more strength in its textile pattern. This design can raise the inner strength of foot arch and heel to create more than 90 degree of embracement. The metatarsal and toe part are also woven with special patterns to make it 3 dimensional. The complex pattern is produced with more than 70 steps of processes which is very time-consuming. The production method can only allow one to make 2 pairs of socks within an hour, whereas conventional method can make 10 pairs in the same time frame.

Hosiery manufacturer Chin-Yuan Liu: “Human-based product design is to consider the functions to improve human life, not just merely producing any item. We are focusing on not only improving product quality, but also life quality. We use better eco-sensitive materials and antibacterial materials. The socks are better equipped to provide human comfort and safety.

This company has more than 20 years of history. Back in the early days, this weaving producer had provided 80% of the textile materials for the Shetou Township. Starting from 2002, they have begun to invest more on new functional designs of the end products. Thanks to this upgrade of technology and design, they have been able to get more OEM orders from many internationally well-known brands of sports socks. The demands were huge, and they kept extending work hours to fulfill the big orders. There was one time when they produced 1 million socks in a month. They even borrowed other workers over to come to do temporary overtime load.

Hosiery manufacturer Chin-Yuan Liu: “We worked very hard for long hours to meet the order demands. We exported many containers of products weekly. However, our workers were very cooperative. They just wanted to fulfill the tasks in demand. We were a good team. I was very appreciative for their efforts."

Because of the compassion for the community, Liu didn’t choose to move the entire production plant and team to Mainland China to fight for business survival in low price war. Till today, she has never regretted for this decision.

Hosiery manufacturer Chin-Yuan Liu: “No, I won’t regret at all. This is my home. It’s my duty to upgrade my business here and create opportunities for the people here. To make this place worthy of staying for all people. I see many creative energies and strengths in the place and in Taiwan, too. There are many creative and productive people in Taiwan. We don’t need to go to foreign countries. We have better people resources than many other countries. We work and cooperate better in our homeland, because of our same cultural background, same family value, and same work ethics. When you move to Mainland China, you will lose all these benefits.

Now, Liu’s company has continued to build more strengths on designing techniques in the hope of diversifying their product reaches. The ultimate goal is to build more business opportunities for the locals and more international competitiveness for Taiwan’s weaving industry.

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