Taiwan District of Kiwanis International Celebrates 50th Anniversary A journey with Taiwan spanning half of a century

【新唐人亞太台 2017 年 11 月 11 日訊】Host:“Let’s sound the horn together.” 

To celebrate Kiwanis’ 50th anniversary in Taiwan, Taiwan District of Kiwanis International and Taiwan Kiwanis Children Foundation decided to put together an event, biking around Taiwan, to commemorate the club’s 50th anniversary, with Taipei being the first stop. Ko Wen-je, mayor of Taipei, was all out to support the event, showing his gratitude for the effort and hard work behind the club’s public service. 

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je: “For Kiwanis’ 50th Anniversary, this cycling event in Taiwan is about a love that transcends everything. Kudos to the Guarding Angels for its donation drives to put books into youth care centers, remote schools, and community centers. Its work is about creating a better living conditions in Taiwan. So we must thank the Kiwanis. In the past 50 years, it has contributed so much in the public service sector.” 

The nine-day island cycling event, which brought together fitness exercise and service for the vulnerable groups, had over 50 participants from Kiwanis’ 17 local divisions in Taiwan. While the different divisions dedicated to provide different service projects, the Kiwanis Club of Taipei put up commercials for cycling jerseys to raise funds. 

Hsu Shen-po, committee chairman for the 50th anniversary celebration: “We invited 50 club members to cycle around Taiwan for nine days and eight nights. During the event, about 2,000 other members also rode along with us for different segments of the journey. We also had service projects. Our plan is to have 90 such projects. Children groups and vulnerable groups would come to accept our donation and service.”

International organizations surely would not want to miss Taiwan’s international sporting events, such as 2017 Summer Universiade in Taipei. On August 12, the Taipei city government organized a makeup carnival, to bring more public attention to the upcoming Universiade. Taiwan District of Kiwanis International summoned over 600 members, some riding their own Harley-Davidson motorcycles, others riding their bicycles, and some dressed up as cowboys. There were also large flowers floats. It was a huge event as Kiwanis showed off their creativity, passion and spirit. 

Lo Chang-chien, chairman of Taiwan Kiwanis Children Foundation: “Kiwanis is an international organization. So we hope that people around the world can come to Taipei, come to Taiwan, and people in Taiwan can become part of the international community. I think this is quite significant. So Kiwanis is more than happy to support and take part in today’s important activity.” 

Kiwanis is a global organizations of volunteers dedicated to improving the world—one child and one community at a time—with the motto of “Serving the Children of the World.” It is the only international organization that has been honored by the Ministry of Interior with one of the best international organization award, ISO 9002 certification, and Distinguished District Award. Globally, Kiwanis has established a branch at over 90 countries. And after 50 years, Taiwan District of Kiwanis International has 17 division and 382 local clubs, including Taiwan Kiwanis Children Foundation, Taiwan Agriculture Exchanging Association, Circle K, Key Club, K Kids, and Builders Club. 

Shih Chi-hsien, the club’s third and sixth term district governor: “I encourage more youngsters to quickly join Kiwanis, so they can showcase themselves on the international stage. They can help Taiwan gain a better footing in the international community. So people around the world can look up to Taiwan.”

Shih Chi-Hsien, who is now 76 years old and has been a member of the Kiwanis for 45 years, encouraged young people to join him. Shih, who held the position of district governor for two terms, was the key figure in the establishment of Kiwanis Club of Tainan. Back when he was in his thirties, he joined Kiwanis after receiving encouragement from General Chou Yi-chen, charter president of Taiwan District of Kiwanis International and general manager of China Airlines. A young Shih took up important roles in Kiwanis. He was deeply touched by how much help he had gotten from elder members of the club. With a background in agriculture, Shih established Top 10 National Outstanding Agriculturalists, to better promote Taiwan’s farm products. 

Shih Chi-hsien, the club’s third and sixth term district governor: “For over 40 years, we have picked the top 10 agriculturalists. We, as a club, have a good reputation. We have done quite well. And we have steadily made a lot of progress. This is something that gives me a peace of mind.” 

Wu Hui-wan, the 27th-term District governor: “Like what I always say. As a woman, I have benefited greatly after joining Kiwanis.” 

Wu Hui-wan said she have found new values in life. It was the same Wu Hiu-wan, the first ever female district governor of Taiwan District of Kiwanis International, who advocated having Taiwan be the host to the 86th Kiwanis International Convention. It was the first time that such convention was held in Asia, and it also marked a new milestone in elevating the status of Taiwan District of Kiwanis International in the international community. 

Wu Hui-wan, the 27th-term District governor: “As for the love for both this country and Kiwanis, I think this is something we are all proud of. This spirit behind the club has been elevated. What’s more, I have discovered that women are respected in Kiwanis. This is why I was able to do my job well as district governor, to successfully host the convention.” 

Host: “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.” 

Hsu Chang-ching, the fifth woman to become district governor of Taiwan District of Kiwanis International, taking over the club’s top position in October, has always believed in the importance of education for children. Struck by the club’s mission, she decided to join Kiwanis. Hsu once bought a townhouse with her own money to support the policy of putting poor children in classroom by Annette Lu, former vice president of Republic of China. Since then she has offered the house as a place for poor children to be educated. 

Hsu Chang-ching, the 44th term district governor of Taiwan District of Kiwanis International: “Taking care of children has always been a top priority in Kiwanis’ mission. And it must be done across boundaries. And this is something I cannot possibly agree more. I believe education is the most important part in any public service. With a good education, children will not commit any crime, which in turn lowers social costs.” 

Master of ceremonies: “Building a dream together, and inspiring the spirit to have hope.” 

Taiwan District of Kiwanis International has put together a group of elite individuals in Taiwan. And the Taiwan District, after years of hard work by different district governors and senior members, has become an important organization in the international community. Many young people have decided to be part of Kiwanis because they are deeply touched by passionate and selfless acts by members of the club. This is especially true for Kiwanis Club of Taipei. 

Lin Shih-jie, the 50th president of Kiwanis Club of Taipei: “For members in their thirties and forties, and those in their seventies, I am in the middle in terms of age. So we must form a bond between the old and the young. We must hold our hands together, and our hearts must be together. So we can expand the influence of our service projects.” 

Hsu Shen-po, committee chairman for the 50th anniversary celebration: “Taking one step at a time, we hope to have young children come to know about Kiwanis, to have them become part of it, and finally have them embrace it. We surely want young people to become part of Kiwanis, so all of us can continue to grow and learn together, so we may provide a service to our society, to our community, and to children everywhere.” 

Taiwan District of Kiwanis International, after more than half of a century, has united elders and club members who can rekindle their friendship and cherish their past memories. They will continue to hold each other’s hands as they move on for the next 50 years. Bravely together they will continue to pass on the mission and characters of Kiwanis International. 


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