MIT Patented Multifunction Latex Foam by Green Gold won patents in Taiwan and USA

【新唐人亞太台 2018 年 07 月 13 日訊】Green and environmental friendly are the keywords of global development. In Taiwan, there is a material design and development business. It took more than a decade to research and develop the patented green gold latex foam. It is patented in the USA, China, and many other countries. This material can be applied diversely. This manufacturer even used it on plantar fasciitis insole to relief pressure on the plantar arch. Using this insole, people can stand longer and walk farther. It is good news for people with problems of flat plantar arch.


The founder of this material design and development company, Lin Jin-shen, “This material is an open molecule structure combination. If we use it to make insole, we won’t feel hot and sweaty. It is because it helps release our body heat.”


This breathable latex foam is developed by a Taiwanese manufacturer – Lin Jin-shen. He spent more than a decade on the research and development of this green gold. He uses natural oak sap to mix with wood charcoal to produce this material with a unique and patented production process. As a result, it is natural, environmental friendly, green and toxic free. It won the patents in Taiwan, China, and more. This year, the material is patented in the USA too.


The founder of this material design and development company, Lin Jin-shen, “This patent pending green gold is holding SGS certification. The functions of anti-mold, germs suppressing and green are tested to be valid. Of course, its ultra-red function has also been tested, we can guarantee.”


With more than 20 years of OEM experiences, Lin Jin-shen has developed the patented green gold latex foam. As this material has the functions of anti-mold, gems repressing, and permeable. Especially, it’s deodorization rate is as high as 98%. It is particularly obvious when using on insoles. Mr. Lin has tested the deodorization function of major insoles in the market simultaneously. 3 minutes after the test, this patented green gold latex foam is put in a dark liquid. Gradually, it becomes clearer and clearer. 


The founder of this material design and development company, Lin Jin-shen, “Obviously, the clarity is different from other materials. Therefore, our patented material is good for making the upper part of insoles. It gives good deodorization effects.”


The founder of this material design and development company, Lin Jin-shen, “Nowadays, people in the industry are all approaching green energy. Therefore, we researched and developed this material with the idea of green in mind. We have cooperated with local brands for more than a decade. We are active in our market planning and have earned the patent in USA as well. We are cooperating with major international brands in development. We go on to engage in mutual cooperation projects.”


The shoes with plantar fasciitis insoles developed and manufactured by Lin Jin-shen use the green gold latex foam patented in many countries to achieve the results of relieving foot pressure, enabling wearers to stand longer and walk further. This patented green gold latex foam can also be applied on plantar arch insoles, pillows, and more. With the honor of patents hold in various countries, we are approaching the international market to promote this Taiwan brand.


Interviewing and writing: Jin-Jin Li
Filming and post production: Dennis Yeh/Chienlun Kao 




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