2009全球巡迴演出 - 神韻到亞洲(1)韓國 日本 新唐人特別節目:風靡全球的藝術盛典

【新唐人2009年5月14日訊】2009全球巡迴演出特別節目之三 神韻到亞洲—韓國 日本1載譽北美,遠涉重洋. 2009年1月30日,,神韻藝術團開始了亞洲的巡迴演出。迄止2月18日,在韓國的大丘和首爾,在日本的東京,名古屋,廣島和大阪,神韻共演出18場。Leaving behind a resounding reputation across North America, on January 30 2009, the Shen Yun Performing Arts began its Asian leg of its World Tour. Shen Yun Performing Arts put on 18 shows in total in South Korea’s Daegu and Seoul and Japanese cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima and Osaka音樂評論家 金鎮默Music Commentator舞台演出真是非常出色The stage performance is very outstanding棒極了!Superb!日本社會名流 黛碧夫人Japanese Socialite 總而言之非常的優美﹑優雅All in all it is very graceful and elegant舞蹈家CHADancer非常精彩It’s just brilliant 演員的身體非常柔軟The performances bodies are very soft表現力也很豐富With rich expressiveness 極為感動Extremely touching韓國著名演員 朴垠樹Well Known Korean Actor用一句話來說真美啊!To put it in one sentence – so beautiful!一開幕就讓我大吃一驚As soon as the curtains were raised I was astounded 背景天幕太讓人震驚了The backdrop is so astonishing韓國聲樂家協會會長 辛圭坤President of Korean Vocal Music Association整體來說神韻的演出The Shen Yun performance and planning as a whole籌劃都是無可比擬的cannot be compared to 色彩專家 江端益美Color Expert配色非常好、很美、The colors are very well done, very beautiful讓人感動It is moving for the audience 著名演員 呂運計Well Known actor難以言表It’s hard to put into words就像是地下湧出的泉水It’s like the spring flowing from beneath更好像是在我的靈魂深處More like in the deepest parts of my soul蓄藏已久的清泉Where the clear spring has been stored for so long在一點點的湧出Is flowing out bit by bit2大幕拉開As the curtains are drawn舞蹈 音樂 色彩 天幕 歌聲The dancing, music, colour, backdrop and vocal performances令觀衆讚嘆不已Leave audiences with praises after praises日本古典舞演員 中村由紀子Japanese Classical Dancer大幕一拉開As soon as the curtains were drawn周圍的觀眾都喊漂亮The audiences around me all called out beautiful廣島縣吳市議員 岡崎原太郎Hiroshima Parliamentarian在天幕打開的那一瞬間The moment the backdrop were revealed我一下子喊了出來I yelled out at once實際上我都哭了In fact I was cryingAMC公司副總裁 車棕桓Vice President of AMC一幕幕拉開時As the curtains drew open each time展現的是完全不同的東西Completely different scenes are revealed超出我的想像It’s surpassed my imagination讓人充滿期待And leaves people in eager anticipation韓服設計師 朴述女Korean Hanbok (Traditional Costume) Designer 也許因為我是一個接觸綢緞的人Perhaps because I’m someone who comes in contact with silk 那種綢緞的神奇、美麗的色彩等等The magic and beautiful colours of the silk真如夢幻一般Are really like a dream京幾藝術人總聯合會會長 李珠熹音樂、舞蹈、服裝、效果The music, dancing, costumes and effects這些都要配合好今天的演出All these had to coordinate well for today’s performance這些因素都協調的非常好All of these elements were all coordinated very well相當高水準的舞蹈It’s a very high standard of dancing日本著名演員 村田雄浩Well Known Japanese Actor不是很長時間來表達才使人明白It’s not something that takes a long time to express to make people understand用很簡單的方式It uses a simply method一個個的把想說的表達出來One by one expressing what it wants真是很受啟發It is very inspiring專業歌手 野崎昌利Professional Singer可以感受到能量和愛等精神性內容I can feel the energy and spiritual content such as love不只是身體的移動Not just a movement of the body可以感受到內涵和能量I can feel the inner meaning and the energy 印度舞蹈家 羅梨多Indian Dancer現在世界看到的都是黑灰色Now you just see black and grey around the world就只是欣賞演出中的顏色Just to appreciate the colours in the performance 感覺就可以恢復健康感受能量Simply to feel it one can regain health and feel the energy 著名作詞作曲家 平井丈一郎Well known Poet and Song Writer音樂有很多種There are many different types of music但是只有真正純正的音樂才能打動人But only truly pure and righteous music can move people找回人的真正本性People have rediscovered their true nature我想到了這種音樂是絕對不可缺少的I think this type of music cannot be missing at all 管弦樂隊音樂編導 金禹慶Orchestral Music Director後面的天幕真如夢幻一般The backdrop in the back is just like a dream還有就是天幕與演員相銜接的部分Also the amalgamation of the backdrop and the performers那部分製作得真是太精彩了The creation of that is just superb 日本女歌手 田上敬子Japanese Female Singer感到活力I feel invigorated全身充滿了力量My whole body is filled with energy我自身也是深深的受益I myself have deeply benefited. 日本歌手 加滕久美子Japanese Singer(演員身體)如同樂器一樣(The performers’ bodies) are like instruments聲音具有穿透力The sounds are penetrating感覺不像人間的音樂Does not seem like music of this world非常和諧It’s very harmonious聽此演唱身心愉快You feel happy and joyful listening to the solo performances歌詞出現在螢幕上The lyrics appear on the screen歌詞的內容也是很好The content of the lyric is also very good我已將他們珍藏在心中I have already treasured them in my heart. 3.神韻展現的深邃久遠的傳統文化Shen Yun has presented the deep and age long traditional culture讓觀衆又回到了心靈的故鄉Bringing the souls of audiences back to their homes歌唱家 李晟源Singer還有一種久違的新鮮感It’s a freshness that has been longed真有一種好久未見的感覺Truly a feeling of long time no see 就是現在Even until now演出還活生生的展現在我的面前The performance is still vivid in front of me中國觀眾 李先生Chinese audience在現場看非常祥和Being at the performance I feel very peaceful什麼雜念都沒有There is not one stray thought特別放鬆Especially relaxed日本眾議院議員 松原仁Member of Japanese House of Representatives演員的技術水平水常高The techniques of the performers are of very high standards演出是傑出的藝術The performance outstandingly artistic 就好像給我展現了遠離日常雜念Like it has presented to me somewhere far away from the chaotic thoughts of everyday life 遠離世間塵囂的完美藝術世界A perfect artistic world far away from the crowded world 廣島縣議員 石橋良三Hiroshima Prefecture Parliamentarian這場演出品位高This performance is of high class具世界水準World class經過金雕玉琢It has been carefully crafted獨唱與舞蹈等等都深具藝術性Both the soloist and dancing are profoundly artistic 很有深刻的思想性這非常重要It is deeply thoughtful, this is very important日本西藏文化研究所所長 派瑪嘎爾波Director of the Japanese Tibetan cultural Research Institute 特別是重視精神層面的東西It especially emphasises the level of spirituality 品位很高Very high class 著名漫畫家 金辰Well Known Comic Artist天上和人間的交通It is the route between heaven and the human world這是整個東方文化的特徵This is the characteristic of the entire oriental culture從這個方面來講From his aspect我不感到陌生I don’t find it foreign 覺得很親切I feel it’s very familiar 松戶市議員 櫻井秀三Matsudo City Councillor從李白﹑王羲之的書法﹑漢字等等From Li Bai, the calligraphy of Wang Xi-Zhi, and KanJi 所有都是從中國學到的It’s all learnt from China請讓我們把那裡Please let us treat there當作是我們日本人心靈的故鄉吧As the home of souls of our Japanese people. 4神傳文化的藝術再現Divinely inspired culture re-emerges令觀衆方佛出神入化身臨其境Bringing audiences into the lands of Buddha and Gods 韓民族獨島士官研究院長 李熙天Korean Ethnic Dokdo Research Institute Director中國的傳統文化中In the traditional culture of China有許多是天國世界的縮影There are many microcosms of the heavenly worlds這使我感到中國人的傳統文化意識This lets me feel that the awareness behind Chinese people’s traditional culture具有很高的精神境界Has a very high spirituality realm 美術人學會會長 金龍哲President of the Institute of Artists讓人感受到另外空間的世界It lets people feel the world in another dimension博大的世界觀A expansive view of the world天地人三者相呼應The calling between heaven, earth and the people如夢如幻It’s like a dream and illusion在韓中國人 李玉英Chinese person in Korea剛開始的時候In the beginning就是五千年之前5000 years ago神、佛來到人間造人Gods and Buddha came to the world to create people我感覺到看到那場景的時候I feel that was what I saw in the scene反正我是激動的眼淚下來了 I was so emotional and moved that my tears fell雕刻名家 五藤千人Well Known Sculptor 人是從天上下來的People are from heaven看到這一幕我熱淚盈眶When I was this I had tears in my eyes真是又感激又感動I was so thankful and so touched在世上竟有如此可喜的令人幸福的勝境That such a happy and joyful place like this exists in the world用日語來講是”極樂”In Japanese we call it “Extreme Happiness” 也就是世間所說的”天國”It is what people call “Paradise”這樣的勝境我真實地感受到了I have truly felt this wonderful place林學研究員 張春花Forestry Researcher就覺得可以直接和神聯繫I felt that we can connect directly to the Gods以前我們學這個When we learnt this before沒有這個聯想We didn’t have this thought老師也沒有這樣教過The teachers didn’t teach it this way either造型藝術家 崔秉洙Design Artist最後看到佛陀坐在圓心中In the end when I saw Buddha sitting in the circle那個瞬間就感覺The feeling in that instant好像是佛在說話Was that Buddha was speaking太好了It was wonderful沖繩觀光大使 仲田美智子Okinawa Tourism Ambassador演出好像在教導人應有的狀態The performance seems to teach people how things should be神是存在的Gods do exist神在關注著人們Gods are watching people太感動了It’s so touching 韓國國寶文人協會會長 林洙弘President of the Korean National Treasure Literati Association佛剛一出現的時候When the Buddha appeared我的心中突然覺得非常神聖All of a sudden I felt very sacred in my heart今天上午我還訓斥了部下This morning I actually scolded my subordinate 說他幹得不好Saying that he has not done well但是看到佛的那一瞬間But the instant I saw the Buddha我覺得自己升上天國I felt I have elevated up to heaven心中異常平和And my heart was ever so peaceful和尚 卍宗Monk今天感動我的不是別的What has touched me today is none other than就是讓我再次明確了為什麼活著Letting me again see clearly why I live該怎麼活著等How I should live我們本是來自天上We are all from heaven但我們忘記了這個真相But we have forgotten this truth在這些方面很好的啟迪了我The show has given me great inspirations in this regard 慶熙大學NGO研究院 金雲鎬Kyung Hee University NGO Research Centre尤其是該如何在世上正直的生活Especially how to live upright in the world什麼是對什麼是錯What is right and what is wrong歌詞給了我很多啟悟The lyrics has given me much inspiration藝術中心理事 金允憲Governor of Artistic Centre宗旨非常好The theme is very good相當激動人心Very moving to the heart許多人與之產生了共鳴It has resonated with a lot of people我感覺藝術團的表演淨化了我的靈魂I feel the performance has purified my soul 5繼韓國日本后, 神韻將于2月20日赴臺灣進行巡迴演出,為期1個月演出達37場After touring Korea and Japan, Shen Yun will begin its tour of Taiwan on February 20, with 37 shows in one month廣島女學院高中PTA會長 面田 耕志PTA President of Hiroshima Girls College春天來到了我的心裡Spring has come to my heart太漂亮了It’s just so beautiful韓國寫生協會會長 朴榮在President of the Korean Writers Association就像剛從夢中醒來Is like I just woke up from a dream真是如夢如幻It was really like a dream or an illusion大邱藝術文化團總聯合會副會長 金日煥Vice President of the Daegu Arts and Cultural Federation真是太好了It’s just wonderful獨特而感人Unique and moving韓國無形文化財13號 金龍雲Korean Intangible Cultural Properties早聽說神韻藝術團很了不起I have long heard that Shen Yun Performing Arts is remarkable今天一看確實如此And after having seen it today, it truly is remarkable東京都議員 土屋敬之Tokyo Member of Parliament將根植于中國的文化介紹給全球It shows to the world the culture rooted in China我真的認為I really think that 無論做為藝術家還是作為一個人Whether for an artist or an ordinary person都是非常值得尊敬的It is much to be respected中國人才顧問研究會理事長 香川清Governor of the Chinese Talent Consulting Research Association要傳播真正的中國文化To spread genuine Chinese culture一直在努力They have always put in so much effort對此我表達敬意For this I express my respect 越智芭蕾舞團 山添昌之Member of Ochi Ballet Academy我想更多的學習中國文化I want to learn more about Chinese culture通過神韻這樣的藝術學習最快了And to learn it artistically through Shen Yun is the fastest前國會議員 中津川博鄉 Former Member of Parliament精誠石開 Persistence will see you through 堅持就是力量Perseverance is power 日本眾議院議員 中山泰秀Member of Japanese House of Representatives堅持不懈地在世界巡迴演出 Persisting tirelessly to tour around the world通過藝術形式Through the artistic format祝福世界和平Wishing peace to the world太難能可貴了 It is so rare and precious 我為神韻加油I cheer for Shen Yun律師 魏銀鎮Lawyer以後有機會我會再來I will come again if I have the chance我還要告訴周邊的人I will also tell others around me心靈經營研究所所長 金聖俊 Director of Heart and Soul Practice Research Institution希望全世界的人都來演出I hope everyone in the world will come to watch this performance韓國電影演員協會會長尹良夏President of the Korean Actors’ Guild看到中國的過去、現在和未來I saw China’s past, present and future太令人震驚了!It is just astonishing中國觀眾 小周Chinese audience非常非常感受到I felt very much that我們中國有了不起的歷史China has a remarkable history可以說做為中國人感到是最自豪的I can say that I am most proud to be a Chinese中國內蒙古女高音歌唱家 包金龍Soprano from Inner Mongolia我感動得都嗚嗚哭I was so moved that I was crying我心裡很多很多事I feel a lot of things in my heart我實在感動I am very touched謝謝!Thank you!在日留學生 黎明(化名)Exchange Student in Japan我作為中國人的話As a Chinese person我覺得中國人I think if Chinese people如果都能把神韻表達的那種思想Can all express the thoughts表達出來的話Expressed by Shen Yun外國對中國肯定是一個新的認識The foreigners will surely have a new understanding for China中國肯定是一個更好的中國China will definitely become a better China 華人觀衆Chinese audience在這邊能看到中國的節目To be able to see Chinese programs here真的感恩的心I hold a very thankful heart非常感動I’m very moved辛苦他們了They have all worked very hard.