American Adventurer Arrives in Sydney


By Chia-Chin Ho, David Lee


1. cycle:v. 騎自行車

2. rowing :n. 划船

3. kayak :v. 划獨木舟

4. summit:n. 山頂、頂點

Nearly three years into Erden Eruc's self-propelled journey around the globe, he cycled to the Sydney Opera House on Friday, greeted by friends and well-wishers.


Erden has spent 312 days rowing across the Pacific from California to Papua New Guinea, walking the Kokoda Track, then cycling down the east coast of Australia.


48-year-old Eruc was greeted by applause at the Opera House, where he showed a map to an awed crowd and explained how he got to Sydney.


[Erden Eruc, Adventurer]:

"And then I kayaked to Oro Bay, walked south using the Kokoda Track to Port Moresby, coast to coast, from Solomon Sea to the Coral Sea and then I was on my row boat again for 33 days to get to Cape York. I reached Escape River and after that I kayaked south for about three and a half weeks to Cooktown and I have been on the bicycle since."


He says he plans to spend a few days relaxing with friends. Sydney is only one stop in his long journey, which he said he is making up as he goes along.


[Erden Eruc, Adventurer]:

"I am very happy. I have covered an enormous distance. It has taken me a while to get here, but finally I made it. And I'm here."


He will also climb the highest summits in six different continents including the 7,310 feet Mt. Kosciusko in Australia.


5. expedition: n. 遠征

6. struggle:v. 奮鬥、爭取

7. self-sufficiency:adj. 自給自足的

8. tribute: n. 致敬

9. daunting:adj. 嚴峻的、令人卻步的

10. kayaking: n. 皮艇運動

11. scale:v. 攀登

12. steep:adj. 陡峭的

Eruc’s self-powered expedition is supported by his non-profit organization called 'Around-n-Over'. Its mission is to assist poor communities in their struggle towards self-sufficiency by providing basic educational aid and resources.


Eruc's organization "Around-n-Over" is a tribute to his friend Goran Kropp who encouraged him to take the journey but died while rock climbing with Eruc eight years ago.

伊魯克的組織"Around-n-Over"是為了紀念伊魯克的朋友Goran Kropp而成立的,他鼓勵伊魯克展開這項旅程,但他在8年前和伊魯克攀岩的時候不幸死亡。

The adventurer says his biggest concerns are not the daunting challenges such as kayaking across rough seas and scaling steep mountains, but insects.


13. sandfly:n. 蚋

14. mosquito:n. 蚊子

15. encounter : v. 遭遇

16. crocodile : n. 鱷魚

17. shark : n. 鯊魚

18. afloat:adj. 漂浮的

[Erden Eruc, Adventurer]:

"The most difficult part of this journey I think were the sandflies and the mosquitoes that I encountered. Also the crocodile danger that I had while sea kayaking the far north-east Cape York."

“在旅程中最困難的部分,我覺得是那些我遇到的蚋和蚊子。鱷魚也是相當危險,我曾在Cape York東北部的海上划皮艇時遇到過。”

He's also encountered sharks, and had to cook at sea while spending 312 days afloat. He has made a record as the man who has spent the most time at sea in a rowboat.


Eruc says he is unsure when he will make it back to his home in Seattle.