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Meet the New Guinness Record Holders for 2012


By David Lee, Daniel Chen


1. Guinness world record ph. 金氏世界紀錄

2. Sift v. [sɪft] 篩選;過濾

3. Whittle v. [ˋhwɪt!] 削;切

4. Elastic adj. [ɪˋlæstɪk] 有彈力的

5. Perspex n. [ˋpɝspɛks] 帕斯佩有機玻璃

6. Racquet n. [ˋrækɪt] 球拍

The weird and wonderful talents of new Guinness world record holders were displayed in London this week to mark the launch of the 2012 book.


[Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief, Guinness World Records]:

"We've noticed an increase in applications, possibly inspired by the Olympics, who knows. We've had to sift through about 60,000 claims this year. It's a huge job, we've whittled it down to maybe about 4,000 that appear in the book, 3,000 of which are new. So it's been a very busy year, but it's been worth it because we can guarantee that what is in the book is the best of the best."


The world's most elastic woman, Skye Broberg from Australia, climbed into a tiny square perspex box. She also earned the title by passing through a tennis racquet head the most times.



7. Sport v. [sport] 炫耀;誇示

8. Stud n. [stʌd] 飾釘

9. Pierce v. [pɪrs] 穿孔;穿洞

10. Bow n. [bo] 弓

11. Afro n. [ˋæfro] 黑人頭(圓蓬式髮型)

12. Circumference n. [sɚˋkʌmfərəns] 圓周;周長

13. Crowning glory ph. 至高無上的光榮

14. Contort v. [kənˋtɔrt] 扭曲

15. Rope skipping ph. 跳繩

16. Martial art ph. 武術

Rolf Buchholz, from Germany, sported 453 studs and rings to win the title of the most pierced man.


The world's largest playable violin is 14 feet long, with a maximum width of 4.5 feet, the bow, which took two people to hold, measures 17 feet. It was made in Germany.

世界上最大的可演奏小提琴有14英尺長, 最大寬度有4.5英尺. 弓有17英尺長, 必需要兩個人扶著拉. 它製造於德國。

Aevin Dougas, from New Orleans, showed off her enormous afro. She's now the world record holder for the largest natural afro. It measures 7.3 inches high, 7.7 inches wide and has a 4-foot 4-inch circumference.

艾芙因杜嘉斯從紐奧良來,展示了她巨大的黑人頭(圓蓬式髮型)。她現為是最大的自然圓蓬式髮型的世界紀錄保持者。它測量有7.3英寸高、7.7英寸寬,而且有一個 4英尺4英寸的周長。

Her crowning glory does come with problems though.


[Aevin Dougas, World Record Holder for Largest Natural Afro]:

"It tends to hook onto things when I am walking by, like trees and stuff and other people don't have that problem, so it can be kind of problematic, but I wouldn't change a thing about it.”


Californian Chanel Tapper has the longest tongue, measuring 3.7 inches. She can contort it to be wide or long and thin and can easily touch her nose with it.


13 dogs from Japan's "Super Wan Wan Circus" now hold the record for the most dogs skipping rope. And Japan wins another title, Isao Machi is the fastest man to make 1,000 martial arts cuts in 36 minutes and 4 seconds.




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Rolf Buchholz, from Germany, sported 453 studs and rings to win the title of the most pierced man.



We can guarantee that what is in the book is the best of the best.



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